In this series of photographs, I have taken pictures of Deal and manipulated them to show the town in a more contemporary light, reflecting it’s vibrancy and eclectic atmosphere. They include cafes, Middle Street, the pier, the gasworks of North Deal, the station and the iconic signal box.

Deal Pier 16x12 GL2 copy

Deal Pier


Deal Pier 1

Deal Pier 1


Stairways to heaven

Stairways to Heaven 1


Stairways to Heaven 1

Stairways to Heaven 2


Funky Signal Box

Deal Signal Box.


Eggtimer Ball Tower Funky

Eggtimer Ball Tower.


Eggtimer Ball Tower Haloeen

Eggtimer Ball Tower Halloween.


Route 1

Route 1.

Cavendish House


Cavendish House.

Deal Station


Deal Station.

Dunkerleys 7x5 stuie1